March 14, 2009 0

Beers and Drawings

By in sketches


More drawing from the other night, meeting with friends at the Cock N’ Bull bar. Rick Gagnon was there. Marr was there, too, but he didn’t stay long enough to draw anything. Still, Rick was able to ink things like this drawing above of mine of one of the servers.

Below is my drawing, embellished with extra lines by Rick, of a guy at the next table. I added a scythe, and then the little death figure, which Rick inked.

Rick drew the same guy while I was drawing him, and I inked him:

Here’s a woman at the other table, which I drew, Rick inked. He thought I made her look too old. Obviously there was a lot of variance that night, but I blame the beer.

Lastly, a couple of guys, drawn by yours truly:

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