March 21, 2009 2

Saint Patrick’s Rapscallionry

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Saint Patrick’s day has come and gone, but the parade is today. So, last night, they were getting ready the green food colouring for the beer at the Cock N’ Bull pub. And I was drawing mildly salacious scenes happening around me and my friends Rick and Marr. Rick inked these, or in the case of the below, added some fancy lines and flourishes.

That strange object in front is some kind of mp3-wired hat. What a brave new world!

Unhappily, I forgot to take shots of Marr’s amusing drawings, which he was doing in his little sketch book to add to this set. He drew the same profile Rick drew below, which in this case I inked.

Rick and Marr are somewhat consumed by crossword puzzles. I find these more of a solitary rather than team sport. Still, I’m able to get them out of a jam or two, even though I’m usually reading upside-down.

Now, is “rapscallionry” a word?

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2 Responses to “Saint Patrick’s Rapscallionry”

  1. Richard Gagnon says:

    Of course it is. :)

    rapscallionry – the quality of being a rapscallion – a mischievous person; a rascal; a ne’er-do well

    His performances had a consciously archaic quality about them. He satirized fustian while indulging in it. His senatorial solemnity was a species of burlesque. He belonged in a Chautauqua rather than a McLuhan age, although he became a master of television performing. His manner, leavened by an exquisite sense of self-parody, conjured up Americana, suggestions of snake-oil peddlers, backwoods Shakespeareans, the gentle rapscallionry of Penrod Schofield’s or Pudd’nhead Wilson’s world.

  2. Jack says:

    Well, what I had before wasn’t a word at all, but I changed it later in the day. Also made the mistake of putting the parade on the wrong day. Which is all right, because I’m not going.

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