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Saturday in the Park

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I’m behind in my blogging, as usual. September seems to be a whirl of events and parties. While my health is back (for now!) it’s hard to get out to everything.

I promised to record a few of these, so here we are. These are shots and sketches from the weekend party in Mederic Martin Park, near to me. Had a pleasant time chatting to people, learning about the plans for the park (it’s dark and a little disused at present. They want to do some things to it to make it a popular green space. God Speed!)

Hard to tell here, but this is a little boy in the park:

And this is one of the guitarists from Nightwood, a trio fronted by two women, and sure to be famous some day:

I shot some video, too.

Fire eater:

A capella singers (the women came on next, but I didn’t get them):

(Note the baby hanging from the stomach of the one on the far right. )

In all, this was a day of family-friendly fun.

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2 Responses to “Saturday in the Park”

  1. Eric says:

    Awesome – thanks for this post about the park! FYI – there is no bass in Nightwood. It started out as two guitars (just Amber and Erin) writing songs together and doing the coffee-house gigs. I came in and around March of 2007 to play drums with them and their rock influences quickly came out but they quickly agreed that the sound felt right without a bassist. It can be a challenge but there are ways that they have learned to bring the low end out through the drums and guitars. I left in early 2009 just before S. was born (and as I was noticing my earing continuing to fail) and along came their new drummer who is simply an awesome guy, let alone an incredible drummer. I hadn’t seem them perform myself since their full LP launch in Fall 2009 so it was nice to see them in a park environment with my wife and S. Damn, they are getting really really good (I can say that now without sounding bias).

  2. Jack says:

    Thanks. I fixed the bit about the guitarist.

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