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Strange Beach, and Comic Con ‘Crastination

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I’m still messing around trying to learn my video editing program, so I can upload a spiff little production of all the neat chats with artists I did at the Montreal Comic Con this past weekend. It’s pretty complicated, and I’m pretty busy at the mo.

In the meantime, glom with your eyes this picture of various strange women at the beach. I drew this in ballpoint pen, which all the art manuals warn you never to do, but I like it, because it lets me do grey tones.

The trouble with doing something elaborate is that you always see one more little thing to correct or make darker. These are never finished. But are they worthwhile to fuss with? Still just oddness in the sketchbook.

The Bikini Girl, by the way is ripped off from a “Love and Rockets” comic book cover. Just so’s you know.

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