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One last zombie-related picture, painted on Hallowe’en night, appropriately enough. A tribute to Remy, the mohawked guy in the picture, whose gory stage makeups inspired me in this project in making regular people scary.

It was quite an experience, exploring one’s morbid side. Also freedom in making pleasant faces look as disgusting as possible. A little like what one used to do with teachers in school notebooks, but less chance of being caught. Here, you’re actually encouraged to be as nasty as possible!

More things: gotta work on those resemblances. Finally, I also made a web store, and will be able to expand on that. Unfortunately, my present web site design doesn’t let me easily add other items, so the front page is going to have to change.

That’s another challenge which will be interesting. And, of course, there’s the constant challenge of finding fresh freelance work.

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