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Les 48 heures de la bande dessinée de Montréal

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I was at the above-named event today. Plenty of cartoonists, plenty of cartoons. A surprise for me, because I didn’t know many of them. The Montreal comics scene is indeed diverse. The first day, Saturday, is devoted to creating strips: cartoonists are paired up to produce these. Sunday is for displaying the finished work to the public (on walls and inside a newsprint journal), and attending workshops. Information can be got here:

Above are some shots I snapped of the display at the Goethe Institute, which hosted the event.

Below is an interview with Gabby Schulz, AKA Ken Dahl, an artist from New York participating in the festival. I’ll practise my camera-work, I promise!

Say, I didn’t know this until looking at his work, but this is so cool! He’s the artist whose cartoon about the sexism of certain comics fans caused a minor stir on the web. Read it here.

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