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Finished with the labour-intensive event chronicling for now, and back to boring little drawings. They don’t attract as many hits! Still, I’m very happy to have started using the Sony Vegas editing program, and mastered at least a few of the basics. (can’t imagine wanting to use many of those tacky special effects and wipes, unless I’m getting very ironic, and want to do 1980s-style “how-to” films.)

Anyhow, these are more watercolour things. Going to try to do more from photographs, just to get away from my own head, and the occasional shortcuts or painting tics I’d like to get rid of. I want to make things look real, but in an exaggerated way, and funny. Don’t think I’ll ever be very photographic, or precise. But at least I want to be pleasing to the eye, and in control of my medium.

Tiger Cat:

Blue dress woman:

You see, she’s the kind of thing I’d like to improve upon. More personality, and variety. Better costumes, hair, etc.

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