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Pair of Pairs

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This is a pair of a pair of things. The only connection is that they happened to be on the same pages with each other.

Going to do more street scenes. They’re kind of boring, but when I do them I think of the buildings as having some emotion or attitude. This corner apartment above is happy, and a little perky (Funny. Looking at it now, I’d say exactly the opposite). Perky buildings are more fun to paint, and to look at than buildings without personality. But gloomy, morose ones are fun, too. Maybe I’ll try some of those. They’re mostly based on snaps I’ve taken.

UPDATE: Thinking of buildings with personality, this artist, Dong Kingman, from John Kricfalusi’s blog, has plenty of it in his work [link].

The faces come more out of my head. Maybe that’s why they look too similar. Painting from photos, as with Bogey below, bores me, but I think I should still do it. Maybe not slavishly copying the photo is the right approach. But I’m trying to do better portraits.


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