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Hard to think of cool titles for these posts…

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…when what you’re doing is putting up more sketches. But the post that gets the most visits is one called “Simple Cats,” so maybe I should try to title them in a descriptive way. Sounds boring, but stuff here is pretty low key. Like I’ve said, I’m really doing this a lot for myself, to see how I can improve, and look back at stuff I think is cool and maybe not so cool.

Above, I’m starting to think she would benefit from more highlighting in the hair. Obviously, one good idea is to look at photos of hair, rather than trying to “make it up,” esp. with detailed colour. Maybe I’ll do that, but overworking something is also a sin.

Another thing I’m trying to work on are drawings which hold up with a brief, sketchy treatment, but not so much in detailed colour. That’s pretty annoying when you’ve worked a long time on something, and then see that an eye, for example, is crooked. One has to check pencil drawings more carefully, putting them in the mirror, or scanning them beforehand. My prob is that I like to just blast ahead. Sometimes that works. Other times I’ve got a heavily laboured-on thing that sucks.

I’m also working on darks and lights!

As in the below pic, the scans show me things I might not have noticed, and I can work on something to improve it. I like correcting the originals rather than doing something in photoshop, whenever that’s possible.

I’m not always going to mention to you guys what I think’s lacking. because maybe you don’t notice it!


Uh oh! Little rays of sunlight got into the scanner! Oh well.

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