January 26, 2011 1

January Montreal Comic Jam

By in sketches

Something a little different. JM Ken Niimura shows off his sketchbook (actually, divided among 5 artists) at last night’s Montreal Comic Jam. Rick Gagnon is there in the background.

You can follow along, and discover these artists’ websites. Thanks to JM they are (in order):

Enrique Lorenzo: http://enriquelorenzo.blogspot.com/
JM Ken Niimura:http://niimurablog.blogspot.com/
Alfonso Salazar: http://alfonso-salazar.blogspot.com/
Christian Suárez: http://christian-s.blogspot.com/
Pepe Larraz:http://jldrawings.blogspot.com/

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  1. Loni Edwards says:

    That’s cool! I liked the music too :)

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