January 28, 2011 0

Fillin’ in pages

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This is my black and white book, which doesn’t take colour all that well (except when it’s all I’ve got!). Still, it’s fun to draw in black and white with the brush pen, and various roller pens. Not as elite as the dip pen, however. But still pleasant to scratch back and forth, making those crosshatches.



The people on top are metro (“subway” to some) people. Inked a little bit. Here are some other faces in the crowd, in my blue pen, which was all I had at the time:


I have no idea what people would think, being drawn like that. But people’s faces are so beautiful and sad, under the bright lights. Still hard to draw there, because of the bumping of the train.

Some day, if I get the urge, I’m going to ride the train all day, drawing faces. Might get attacked, or booted off by security.

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