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Oversized Sketchbookery

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I’m doing another Australopithecine strip. Just wait. Could they try and make a shorter name for those little monkey-like beings, possible ancestors of you and I? I don’t know, “Monkey People” is inaccurate.

Am going to do some B.C. kind of commentary on the modern world, but want to try to keep it as much “in period” as possible. No monkeys wearing glasses, etc. Though they do have modern sensibilities, while dealing with their own prehistoric concerns. We’ll just see how it turns out, if stories continue past the next strip!

In the meantime, I’m decorating pages of my big sketchbook, as above. You can’t really tell that the above is big, but it’s 11 inches by 14. Too large to put into the scanner at one go. Maybe you can’t see the joins I made in Photoshop.

I’m noticing [here] that the creator of Achewood is putting away his strip for a while. Fans might howl (afraid I didn’t follow the strip), but I understand. A decade with a strip and the same characters makes it hard to keep things fresh. I hate drawing the same character more than once! Wondering what it’s like to have an audience demanding the same thing from you week after week. Don’t have to worry about that, at the moment.

Here are some other things I was doodling the other day. May get around to colouring them at some point:

The face belongs to Mitchell Bernal, an artist with Disney and other places, whom I was watching an interview with on It’s fairly tortuous to watch, I’d just put it on as audio in the background, but his story is very instructive to us art types. Art, or writing, is a hard road. People have to love your stuff if you’re going to make living from it, and there’s no guarantee of that. But if you’re like me, you keep on pumping it out. As I do here and elsewhere.

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