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A Century of Progress

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I was rummaging through a shelf where I was keeping some of my late Dad’s things, and some items fell out which I had overlooked. A paperback “view book” from the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair and other things. The book is chock full of beautiful watercolour-style illustrations printed on rough paper. I think they’re called “chromo-lithographs.” The size is a little awkward for my scanner, but I’ll try to add more as mood and time allow.

Below is an “official certificate” showing that my Grandmother and Grandfather visited the fair. My Grandma on my Dad’s side was great at keeping records of her many trips. I’ve got her travel journals, but none of her slides of trips which she used to show to us kids on special evening. For some that’s the definition of “boring” but I looked forward to these evenings. Now digital photography makes taking records like that so easy. But aspects of it are the same, if you want to click through flickr.com, for example.


(Update: Just noticed the misspelling of “Hardisty.” Ha ha.)

Now I wonder what things are going to be like in 2033. Very different?

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