April 14, 2011 0

Back After a Bit

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Didn’t blog for a while. Cause I was sick, and busy, then wasn’t doing much that pleased me. Still could be happier, but at least I’m painting some things. Not horribly thrilled with how the paper’s working. Maybe it’s always absorbed and lightened paint, but I thought that was how it worked, until I painted on some paper that didn’t do that (also wouldn’t take a wash, but this paper business is all compromise, I think!)

Anyhow, the little blue splatters on the rock guy picture were an accident, but they really helped the pic for me. The rest of all this is my trying to get back into watercolour, for whatever reason.


That last character was my Junior High School Shop/English teacher who was something of a right wing buffoon and really had it in for me. I survived, sort of.

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