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Maurice Sendak and Kate Beaton Fail

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By “fail,” I don’t mean those two artists, who are great. Just my efforts to see them or their work today.

It took an effort, but I caught up with the Maurice Sendak “Exhibition” at the Jewish Public library. CBC radio on the weekend had told me about it. Unfortunately, the exhibition was 8 double-sided placards arranged in the lobby. Interesting information, but no original art, or even books to look at. The info was courtesy the Rosenbach Collection (I know the name, because Rosie the bookstore cat at S.W. Welch’s, the used bookstore I worked at in the 90s, was named after this famous collector). Too bad they didn’t send over a couple of things. Guess I’d have to go to Philadelphia to see that.

Had a slightly testy exchange with the man at the security desk when I asked permission to take a snap of the show. Apparently, you’re not allowed to photograph the JPL even from the street, but I don’t think they can enforce that. Anyhow, I’m a polite type, so no images.

I might, however (if I have time) do a little autobio comic about the trip over and the experience. I also had fun taking my bike onto the Montreal metro. All of these problems might be my fault, but interesting stories nonetheless. And someone said that I should do more autobiographic comics.

Next I pedalled over the mountain to the Kate Beaton launch at the Drawn & Quarterly store. This was already full to capacity at quarter to seven, and here’s the scene around seven o’clock:

THAT wasn’t going to happen, so I carried on and bought supper (ran into an old cartoonist buddy at the supermarket). Then to home.

I guess the moral is, you can’t always do what you want. Good bike ride, though.

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