November 2, 2011 0

Exploding Toothbrush Sequel

By in ruttan's place

It seems that my exploding toothbrush experience wasn’t as unusual as the manufacturers claimed. Now Health Canada has announced a recall. They don’t make that model toothbrush any more. I got interviewed over the phone by Canadian Press. Nice to have a little effect on things.

UPDATE (Nov 3, 2011): Now I’ve got some fairly off-the-cuff quotes on Yahoo. Oh well, live and learn. Funny being on the other side of the interview pad. No great “explosion” of visits to the blog yet, but I hope people will check out the funny drawings!

UPDATE 2 (Nov 3) –the CBC has a story, thankfully without me in it. But funny comments:

UPDATE YET AGAIN: (Nov 4) has gotten ahold of it, and someone linked my cartoon.

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