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Lazy Blog Post

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I’m behind on things, also wasting time on facebook. Still drawing, but not blogging as much as I might. Well, here are some things. First of all, I’m messing around with the “Gaussian Blur” and figuring out what it takes to paint things over a loose pencil drawing in photoshop:


It’s from a tacky source (an 80s rock video, but interesting how the computer colours add that extra layer of tacky.) Maybe I’ll make the palettes more subtle to avoid the garish, next time. But that airbrush thing also does it.

Here’s a page of things I was drawing while watching the hilarious and obscene film Brüno.


The guy in the upper left was computer-coloured (mainly), but I still like the watercolour tones, as on the right, which are still easier and faster for me to do!

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