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Bonne Saint-Jean!

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For Saint Jean’s this year, I went out to Mile End. It’s a more English neighbourhood in Montreal than where I live, but that’s where my friends were. In past years there was this big party on rue Saint Viateur, but that’s a thing of the past now. There was just a little pocket of party left, on this veranda beside a health food store, on Esplanade.

With my friend Patti, I visited my old friend Martin, who’s an actor and writer (check him in the commercial for the VW (ironically-named) Routan) and has a great balcony overlooking the Church on Saint Viateur.

Martin’s View:

Me and Martin:

Later, after supper with Patti (she had to turn in because of a big work day coming up), I took a spin around to see what I could see, and came upon this block party on rue Jeanne-Mance:

Went back to the other site, and Martin and I took gag photos of each other with the bike lite:

Had a great time. Martin thinks I shouldn’t put up the videos, because they’ll make everyone want to move here.

(This is Martin’s personal site, which I will make no comment on, except to say, for Pete’s sake, NSFW!) http://martinstone.ca/

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