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By in montreal

Shots from last night’s Monthly Montreal Comic Jam. This time at a new location: the L’Escalier bar (actually, former site of l’Utopik, where there had been a few jams before).



R. Gagnon (in saffron here, like the walls) did a great job of setting it up. Thanks, Rick!

I didn’t get everyone’s name, so I’m not going to bother identifying.

Also, there was another table, but I mainly took pictures of this one:

Even though I didn’t stay that long, it was a very pleasant evening, with a lot of comics done by interesting and fun people. Sorry, none of those to post. Maybe they’ll make a book of them someday.

UPDATE: More photos here, from Rockin’ Rick Gagnon (on facebook)! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2537498&id=662345842&ref=nf

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