June 29, 2009 0

Rainy Monday

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Sounds kind of bluesy, and I am out of sorts. But I put the living-room “tree” outside to rinse off the dust in the rain. Sure, like I want it to get bigger, and overwhelm the apartment, like Washington at the end of Logan’s Run.

Don’t worry, the cats don’t nibble on it.

Thought I hadn’t done sketches this weekend, but I had. I don’t know what the clenched fists are about, except I like to draw clenched fists, plus cross-hatching. The first one is big-ish (9″x12″) and drawn with blue ballpoint.

The second is tiny (about 3″x5″) and done with crowquill and roller pens. (if anyone cares out there. I’m not too choosy about my media, but not as sloppy as some artists I know).


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