March 31, 2012 0

Zooey D.

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Trying to draw portraits. I’m cozy in pencil (not so cozy drawing likenesses!). I wonder if it’s bastardization to try and colour a drawing this way, but I’m also practicing my digital chops. Not the prettiest image, technically, but it’s part of my artistic self-education, so I’m putting it up here.

I wanted to draw a movie star, because it’s someone recognisable, and you can tell if you’ve hit a likeness or not. But I don’t like identifying them on the web, because frankly, some fans are crazy. Of course, you can’t control who visits your page (not many, I can assure you!), and you can’t even control who links to your image, and where. There are some seamy sides to the web, but I imagine you know that already.

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