April 12, 2012 0

I’m Still Figuring this Digital Thing Out!

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It will be nice when I can reliably produce images i’m happy with. Anyhow, it’s fun to play with, if a little time-consuming.

I’m not a portrait type (that’s why I’m working on these!), but the machine has tools (particularly Photoshop’s “Liquefy”) which allows you to make little adjustments to a picture which would otherwise take lots of uncomfortable erasing and redrawing. I think mine work best when I’m quick and loose, but this medium encourages a lot of tinkering. Certainly don’t want to do photographic likenesses, though it would be cool to have that ability. A couple of these are drawn from photographs, but not traced!



This last one was from a manipulated pencil drawing, while the others were sketched completely on the screen.


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