May 10, 2012 0

Brown Studies

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Bought some fun new pens (called “Pilot FriXion Ball” gel pens, in brown, .5 mm and .7mm respectively, plus a new sketchbook, because those were on sale at the art store). So I decided to sketch with them using brown pencils to embellish, as necessary.

“Brown Studies” is not what the name really means, which I think is a Victorian code phrase for pornographic literature. I could look that up (because the internet seems to hold all knowledge, especially of those kinds of things), but won’t because I’m lazy, and just want to post these up here.


The usual from me, but maybe more variety, and possibly even a hint of coolness, because I drew some things from the recent issue of “EXCLAIM” magazine. Other things are from off the street, vaguely, or out of my roiling, fevered head.

Happily, the rains stopped yesterday, enough to allow me to sit on the balcony and get a modicum of sun. Interesting people were out in the streets, but I’m worried that they seemed more hip than the usual residents, and I wondered if this neighbourhood was further gentrifying.

The amount of English I heard spoken in the streets was a worry for me too, because I treasure my exile in this area.


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