August 31, 2012 1

Chilling at the Montreal Comic Jam

By in black and white, brush pen, collaboration, Rick Gagnon

I’ve been occupied with things— haven’t really been blogging much. Also haven’t gotten out for a while to the monthly Montreal Comic Jam. That happens near the end of the month at a strange little bar in east downtown called l’Escalier. (“The Stairway”) Very studenty, hippie sort of bar….

Anyhow, the event has morphed into sort of a social thing with individuals who like comics sketching away on their own projects, rather than any kind of “jam,” but that’s how these things change.

I don’t have much of a multi-media report on the event. I showed up, however, and my old pal Rick Gagnon was there. He did a splendid job inking my drawing of a silly pomeranian dog:

“Woof! Woof!”

Here’s also his interpretation of my sketch of one of the bar’s patrons:

Well, that’s kind of it.

I’m still drawing, by the way. It’s a process. Drawing a lot of heads, actually, but not really blogging them. More on that later.

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  1. Joanne Carnegie says:

    I love the feet on the “silly Pomeranian.” They look like they’re carved from wood!

    Imagine them interpreted in metal as feet holding up a tiny old-fashioned bathtub, used for washing small dogs. Somewhere out there I bet there’s already a guy making a buck off the idea. After all, film stars need a place to wash their teacup canines in their grand Hollywood mansions.

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