September 12, 2012 0

Where Have You Been?

By in black and white, men, pencil, sketches, women

Mainly drawing heads, in pencil:

Haven’t felt much like sharing. I’ve been working on things like digital painting in Photoshop, creating websites with Dreamweaver, and also studying a method created by Andrew Loomis in the 1940s for drawing heads accurately.

Using guidelines always makes my work stiffer and more wooden, and I’ve been working on loosening up, while maintaining that accuracy.

The structure at least lets you get things in the right order and proportion, while the guidelines give you something to judge from, rather than trying to keep the whole drawing in your head.

I’ve done so many of these, though, I feel as if I should create a whole new blog or tumblr dedicated to drawings and paintings of heads. I hope all this works out. Wish I were more relaxed and self-assured.


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