November 9, 2012 0


By in black and white, men, pencil, sketches, women


Been drawing a lot in pencil since I’ve started working on digital painting. Unfortunately, not much of the digital is ready for Prime Time (even here, where I often publish imperfect work!). But it is improving mightily, so I might be showing you some less than totally misbegotten images in the future. Part of the problem is that I’m not interested so much in photorealism, or even using photos in the work. But digital likes the mechanical and smooth. A lot of it’s about processing.

But I do like modelling things with light, and also working on proportions (even perspective, though that’s a challenge!) Hence these pencil drawings. Below are a few faces of famous directors, plus some women. That begs the question — where are all the famous directors who are women?


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