April 11, 2013 1

A Need to Relax

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It’s actually been a trying time lately. But I’m happy with where these are going.


Strange that the cross-hatching looks good, but I rarely use it on watercolours. Feel like it’s cheating, in the same way as a lot of these computer tools I’m using.

I think this stems back to when my late mom painted, and she said that she hated lines in paintings, or things that were overly specific and literal. Actually, I paint in loose, wet way, too, but I also do these little lines. So now I’m trying to embrace the little lines, and the computer enhancements, and just try to do nice things that give me pleasure. Not be so scared of it, or as self-critical.

Below is a computer drawing based on a pencil sketch set to “multiply.” People who use Photoshop for digital painting will know what I’m talking about. Anyone else — I’m not so sure.


And here are paintings where I mainly avoid little lines. These are usually a lot more work, but they’re still fun, and I’ll continue doing them. I’m getting quite a backlog, and these are in standard sizes (4″x6″, 5″x7″, 9″x12″) so they’ll go into frames much more easily. we’ll see where that goes!



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  1. Joanne Carnegie says:

    Jack, I adore the blue-and-yellow drawing. The lines are as necessary as spice in soup. Think of this as a hybrid form. Very post-modern, when you come to think of it.

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