May 22, 2015 0

These Faces in a Crowd

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Petals on a wet, black bough.

Seriously, yesterday I went to the Sartec mixer. That’s the Quebec union or group or whatever for French-speaking screenwriters. Got a couple of wires crossed. The meeting was taking place in the reserved salon, three stories up, and I was waiting downstairs in the bar. Met a nice couple who also couldn’t find the meeting, and had a drink with them. After they left, I nursed my pint, and started drawing characters in the bar. Here are a couple of them:
The guy on the left is the Quebec version of George Clooney. The guy on the right is maybe its Roberto Begnini.
Sometimes I worry about what people would think of their pictures, because I do this for myself, not to please others.

However, once I found out that the meeting had been going on all this time, in the suite up above, I sketched a couple of people there:


That’s it for the moment!

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