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More Friday Fun and Frolic

By in sketches


Above is the brilliant job Rick Gagnon did colouring Marr’s (Michael Arsenault’s) drawing from last week during our usual Friday night meeting at the Cock N’ Bull bar. But this wasn’t quite so usual, because instead of “Gagnon Friday,” this one could be called Gagnon, Marr, Simmons, Leblanc (and Ruttan) Friday.

Below, Marr and Gagnon treated a very ordinary drawing of mine, turning him into a conductor, and adding an arm, a harelip(!) and an audience. I finished off Marr’s characters in the background, but had very little to do with it.

Here’s some of the crowd: Shane Simmons, Michael, and Rick. Jeff Leblanc was sitting on my side of the table.

I was sketching away on my own. In wash this time:

Marr drew me:

I drew this girl, who works the cash at the next door dollar store. Rick inked the background, and added grays with a marker. They didn’t believe my rendition of her cleavage, until one of us went to buy chips. “My god, you can see more!”

Marr and Rick drew this woman, with help from Jeff’s magic markers.

Marr drew this guy walking by in the bar.
Actually, I was supposed to do washes on the last one, but was tired and took off, instead. Still, even though the big gang somehow leaves me a little intimidated, it was a good night.

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  1. Jack, would you mind if I used that image of Kurt Beaulieu sketching in the pub as part of his bio for inclusion on my new Google site/e-zine The Comics Decoder…?


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