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They Carried on Without me!

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I was pretty tired last night, so I retired early from the bar. My friends stuck around, but were soon chased away by the band setting up. They, however, went down the hill to R. Gagnon’s place, and kept drawing. Rick sent me evidence via e-mail of what happened.

Cartoon Kitty

This looks like Rick a bit, but with a huge schnozz.

Shane Simmons cradles Shade, Rick’s kitty:

Please usher the kids away, because there is some cartoon nudity below! Kind of a first for this blog, but I hope people don’t blow a gasket.

Anyways, even though the order of images is reversed, this makes a nice little demo of Jeff Leblanc drawing, and Marr inking (I’m also guessing Rick G. had a hand, because it’s impossible to keep him away, when there’s inking!). Jeff has always been a more careful artist than I, because when I try to construct a drawing, it usually becomes totally stiff and lifeless. Jeff however, was traditionally trained.


Now he tells me, he’s been working to get more spontaneity in his work. That’s actually a good reason for him to hang out with characters like Marr, Gagnon, and myself, because we all learn from each others’ approaches.


We all have strengths, and areas we’d like to improve. I’ve learned a lot from the guys and girls I hang out with on the Montreal scene: watching their own work, and seeing what they do with mine.


Sometimes in the give-and-take, controversies erupt: for instance, I sometimes think Rick goes too far in interpreting my stuff, and drowns me out* (*actually, I have a hard time thinking of instances. I must have just been in a bad mood while writing this). Dealing with this is part of the process of collaboration. Most artists have big egos: myself included. I worry about getting lost in the background, especially in big groups, where other artists might be more talented, agreeable, or more forward than me.


However, the solution in my case has been to not worry about it. Go with the flow. I’m not a big leader, but am good at suggesting and guiding. So, if I can quell the yammering anxiety, and just keep working, I don’t get lost.

Also, I initiate projects in a quiet way and carry them through. People see something worthwhile in what I’ve been doing, and want to work with me, and listen. It relates a little to what I’ve read about zen, and extends into my drawing and writing, as well as interpersonal relations. I try to create positive energy, and keep it flowing.

There’s work that needs doing in all these areas. But what’s hopeful for me is that I see improvements. Setbacks, too, occasionally, but a general rising upwards. It’s always interesting to see what happens next.

In the meantime, I’ve got these cute nekkid ladies on the blog. Not my thing, because I’m pretty prudish, at least on the outside. But they might attract an entirely new audience.


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  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog – I love your stuff! Especially that cat. :D

    – Louise

  2. Jack says:

    Thanks, but oh no! If it was this post, it probably wasn’t my cat!

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