January 21, 2020 0

New Coloured Pencils

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A generous friend sent me a set of 168 wooden coloured pencils. (Is it “coloured” or “colour”? The last one sounds slightly illiterate.) I’ve taken them out of their packaging, where they were inaccessible, and put them into yogurt containers, where I can reach them and see what I’m drawing with.

Some of the pencils crumbled inside the twisty sharpener, so I’m sharpening them with the razor blade, as shown. It’s more like gentle stroking rather than a twisty reaching motion, and easier on the cores.

Here’s an example of something I drew. The pencils are called “blendable,” but they are only just. Maybe some sort of solvent will work.

There’s a list of colours you can fill out with the accompanying numbers in case you need to buy a new pencil, but I wish they had come up with even dumb names for the colours, because I like those.

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