December 19, 2009 0

Glamour Girls

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Still just working on stuff. It’s not always perfect, but I like the process. Last night I was trying to paint glamour girls, or cheesecake. A popular topic in some quarters. Anyhow, Cyd Charisse from a photo is lacking life. She’s also lacking Gene Kelly from Singin’ In The Rain at the end of her toe.

Below, it’s Wonder Woman as drawn and painted from my head. A little more vibrant, though I didn’t get what she was doing, or how she should be standing. I could copy things I like, but again, that’s boring for me.


I think the big manga eyes are more expressive. It’s hard, actually, to draw a full-length human being, and have the head big enough you can make a proper expression. Whatever the subject, I’m trying to make it fun, and interesting, and also good as a drawing. Long ways to go. It’s still a journey.

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