February 9, 2009 0


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Nothing too ambitious. I was out of the house for most of the weekend, and working on other things than making pictures.

I’m going to have to learn how to scan watercolours in better quality. There’s a site which talks about that. But it recommends a lot of little steps, and I can hardly tell the improvement in quality from the raw scan to the finished product.

That round thing below with the letter “U” is an attempt at a “favicon,” which are the little icons appearing in the tab or address slot of your browser when you visit a particular site. I really didn’t want to do one, but this site picks up other people’s icons if I visit their sites. Some of these are cool, others are annoying. So the way to deal with that is to have your own icon.

It’s not so tough to put in. Simply a couple of lines of code. But making a symbol which shows up at 16×16 pixel resolution is a challenge.

Rather than trying to edit one at that small a resolution, I’ve come upon the trick of painting on, and then scanning it at as low a resolution as possible. We’ll see how it works!

My little cat is going crazy, and has to be shut out so I can work on things such as this. She, of course, thinks mornings should all be about the little cat, but I don’t agree.

Continuing on other little projects, which I hope come to fruition.


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