February 10, 2009 0


By in sketches, watercolour


Mainly making little drawings, in this small book I found. Because they take less time. Really, I wanted to practice placing values, and, of course, making a nice picture. If I do something I really like, I can make it into a big picture, and I hope, get the values right so you can tell what it is in the picture. I like to think that if you can tell what something is from a distance, then you’ve done it right.

Up above was an old guy who had already been drawn in the book. I added some colour.

Below is strange, because I hadn’t intended to draw a super-girl when I started, but that’s what she ended up being. I guess it’s her pose that put her into that role. You start on one part, and that’s what comes out, when you fill in the rest of the page.

The below is inspired by a story on a DVD commentary about being chased around in Tijuana by boys wielding can openers. Never happened to me, but I’ve never been there.

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