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Off Model?

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Still sketching. Inspired by McCabe & Mrs. Miller. I love the ragged, cheap, but beautiful aesthetic in the film. [look out: spoilers ahoy!] The director said it might have made more money if the Warren Beatty character had been rescued by Julie Christie in the end. But the couple hardly got together at all over the length of the movie.

I enjoyed Warren Beatty’s interpretation of the hero as a ditherer and an idiot. That was probably another anti-commercial strategy. At the end, I wonder if Robert Altman really made him stay in the snow all that time pretending to be “dead.” I’ll bet he did, likely through multiple “takes.”


I know these people don’t exactly look like the actors. Maybe it’s a matter of talent, but I feel very bored and strictured at drawing from photos. Also doing underdrawing, too, which means I’d be a lousy animator. I’m trying to make the wiggly thing my “style,” but doing a good drawing is also a matter of relaxing a little, and “seeing” the character. In real life, I’m lousy at remembering faces, too. The one below was inspired by Michael Hordern in a TV adaptation of an M.R. James ghost story.


Once in a while, I hit off a very nice drawing. Other times, stuff goes wrong. Still working on this (that’s like my mantra). I think if I did a lot of drawing and some stories, people would notice the good things, and forgive the occasional awkwardness. Of course, there’s also the fun of writing and reading blog posts ragging on some artist’s drawing mistakes. Don’t know if I’d want to read this about my own.

I’m doing a cartoon story about the ultimate self-confident artist, and what happens to him. I’ve got to get working on that, actually. Bath first, however….

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