April 22, 2010 4

Burlesque Nights

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Never thought I’d be writing that as a title. This is 2010, after all, not 1953 in Montreal with Gypsy Rose Lee and Lily Saint Cyr. Anyhow, the Blue Light Burlesque show wants me to do some drawings for them, and invited me to one of their shows tonight. Even though the MC inveighed against pictures, or even sketches, I doodled away with my brush pen in my tiny book sketches of performers and patrons. Only the lack of light, and too much beer eventually deterred me.

It’s going to be cool to see what kind of drawings this will produce. Mlle. Oui Oui Encore liked my drawings on the internet, because they reminded her of old 40s newspaper things. I’m not quite seeing that, but I love the era.

As many women were at the show as men, and there are courses offered in burlesque arts. Modern burlesque seems to be a mixture of role-playing, performance art, and dance. Also titillation. Maybe I’ll get attached to the corps as staff artist, to apply pasties, and other essential tasks.

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4 Responses to “Burlesque Nights”

  1. Really, really, love your work! thank you so much, it feel good to inspire! xox Mlle Oui Oui

  2. Alston Adams says:

    You know, I would call that last picture “Atomic Butterfly”.

  3. Jack says:


    Her real name is “The Magenta Rose.” Well, not her real name … but you know. She apparently toured with Siberian Circus, and comes from New Zealand. She twirled 4 hula hoops at once, on various parts of her anatomy.

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