May 10, 2010 1

Finding My Way

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Got some work to do. Just finding my way with a lot of drawings. I’m putting most of them up.


My commissions don’t call for watercolour, but if I can do things right in that, I can also handle the black and white. i like my new watercolour book, and also how things look in colour up here.

I think this sketch below, in pen on typing paper, will make an okay painting:

These are straight ink. I did a little overlay in photoshop of grey, and then moved it a bit. I like the “off-register” effect.


Not so happy with this businessman below, but I avoided photoshop tricks:

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  1. I like the horse. Good work, Jack !

    Come and see my new Webcomic online (in English):

    I am working on a fun project myself.

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