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Colourful Day

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Went to the park at East Mont Royal Ave today. Mont Royal used to be a working class street, with taverns and fast food restaurants. Now, with the emergence of the Plateau as a trendy neighbourhood, it’s a place where people go to be seen. So, I thought I’d draw some of them.

The dog above took off almost as soon as I started painting it. A part of sketching from life is using your imagination and experience, because the subjects aren’t sitting still for you. The people sitting on the concrete wall were there for a while.

Fashionable woman on the street:

Later, when I got home, the sun was still out. So I drew the cats in a typical scene:
The cats are so peaceable.

Another pretty woman, because that’s what my gigs entail drawing, so I’m working on them.
Hooray! Fun!

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