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Cool Ruttan Artifact

By in ruttan's place


I was getting something out of my “go-box” full of irreplaceable things, when it spilled off the upper shelf in the closet. Picking up, I came upon this long forgotten item. it’s a token for my Great Grandfather’s general store, which he maintained, with my Dad as sometime stock boy, back in the depression years.


I’ve seen other examples of these kinds of tokens. One interesting collection was for whorehouses, “Good for a screw.” Those weren’t Ruttan businesses, by the way (as far as I know!).

But this is an interesting keepsake. Can potentially last a long time after you and I are gone, as long as I don’t go and lose it.

I’ve got other bits and pieces from the store, which I may try to post, if I can organize them.

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  1. Lisa says:

    That us SO cool, Jack.

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