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Bought these pencils at a new art store I saw, that had opened up on Laurier Street near Papineau. There used to be a framing shop which had a smattering of art supplies. Now, I guess they thought they’d move out and expand the art supplies. This is welcome, because there’s a dearth of independent art supply stores in Montreal. Still, I wish there was a place which sold things which weren’t like all the other places. Probably would pay too much for them.

Anyhow, I thought the pencils were on sale. They weren’t, but I bought them anyways, because I wanted to patronize the store. They were $2.00 each, but very nice pencils. They seem to slide across the paper a little more easily than the cheap variety. I was careful not to smudge too much, and even sprayed fixative over the paper afterwards. But pencil drawings don’t last long sandwiched in the book (we’ll see).

Not going to draw too many all-pencil scenes, but here’s one. Like usual, it’s just a collection of characters that happened to end up on the same page, vaguely unified by a sketchy background. And, as usual, I’m now seeing plenty of things I missed, and could finish up. Work on complex things is hardly every finished. There’s always something left to do.

Just because I found it this morning via the #kidlitart discussion group on twitter, here’s some advice from an art teacher on how to improve one’s work.

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