May 23, 2012 0

More Faces

By in black and white, brush pen, cats, men, pen and ink, sketches, women


More faces, like it said up top, but this time I’m inking them with the brush pen, so they’re not as scratchy. Not sure which I prefer. Above are Liv Tyler from The Lord of the Rings, two faces from the DVD cover for “Sky Captain,” and the sinister Conrad Black, recently released from prison to commit more depredations.

He actually seems like a smart guy, Mr. Black, but I wouldn’t want my grandma investing money with him!

(Oh yeah, bonus ghost cat)

Below are more faces, and another thing I like, cars. Both the running-shoe modern type, and the old-fashioned big-butt muscle cars.


And another note. I got a little ego-boost from the CBC. More news on that, later.

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