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Street Gardening, Woot!

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The local Eco Quartier (a little neighbourhood org. that does recycling, gardening, and ecologically-oriented projects) visited the lane behind my apartment, which was generally a down at the heels place, full of burdock and junk. They instigated a project of planting a garden back there. It’s part of an initiative called ruelle verte.

Notice these are all women working here. Men like me came around, but mostly to kibitz and comment. I don’t know why it worked out this way.

At any rate, it turned out quite pleasantly. From kind of a waste area to somewhere you might like to spend time:

Next week, we’re putting up some art, and painting this stump. Pictures of that when it happens.

Mr. Boggedy approves:

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  1. Eric says:

    Very cool. I saw that Eco-Quartier had an opening for this ruelle verte on Tuesday but I was in Ontario visiting my parents’. Were you able to attend? Now would be a good time for me to finally to my blog on Utopiamoment (especially with that great piece on your old laundromat). I am just a little slower this summer. Talk soon!

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